How to Upload and Install a Theme to WordPress

Upload and Install a Theme to WordPress
Upload and Install a Theme to WordPress

Upload and Install a Theme to WordPress

hey guys in this Article, I’m gonna show you quickly how you can add a theme to your
WordPress Website & how to upload your own WordPress theme that you may have
purchased on a third party website.
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Steps To Follow:-

Upload and Install a Theme to WordPress
Upload and Install a Theme to WordPress
  1. So all you’re gonna do is you’re gonna come over here inside your WordPress once you log into WordPress. you’ve got your dashboard panel running down the left-hand side, here so we’re gonna scroll down to where it says appearance so right here under
  2. the appearance you’re gonna find themes. we’ll click on themes and then there’s going to be an option that says add new up here at the top.
  3. So I’m gonna go ahead and click add new and then you’re gonna see right here under the add themes right next to it it says upload theme. So you’re gonna click this button and you’re gonna be able to choose a file from your computer.
  4. When you are on a third-party website Theme. For example, ThemeForest where you can purchase different WordPress themes from the Envato market. so here under WordPress, you can see all types of different types of themes, if you’re a real estate website if you want mobile themes e-commerce themes corporate themes blog magazine style like a news website. themes you can also go to popular items and they’re gonna show you all the types of different themes.
  5. So I currently, use the Aveda theme it cost $60 and it’s the one that I’ve got installed right now. so I’ll go ahead and kind of show you what my website looks like but basically it’s one of the most popular themes because it’s super responsive super mobile-friendly nowadays with Google updates.
  6. Your website needs to be mobile friendly and responsive and it’s also got lots of options you can customize you know everything from you know fonts to table sizes to just, if you’re a web designer I mean it’s there’s a lot you can do with it so you know this is kind of just a custom page. I built myself I put my menu bar up here little header area with my photo and email capture and then I talked a little bit about Who I am some of my favorite tools I use in my online business so my web host my email list company the company that I used to capture emails using different creative forms then we get into the blog posts
  7. So I designed this page myself using the different customization features of the Aveda theme so I’ve got other tutorials on Aveda if you want to learn more about that theme but you can also come here to theme for us shop around themes there are also other websites out there that you can buy themes off of and then once you’ve bought them you’re going to download them to your computer it’s typically going to be like a .zip file.
  8. Which is just a folder that’s compressed together and it should automatically come as a zip file so you don’t have to worry about doing anything like that all you do is come here into the choose file and it’ll say – please upload it in the zip format so again when you download it from a third-party website it should come as a zip file already so all you have to do is find that file in your downloads folder and upload it.
  9. Click the install button. when it gets done installing it’ll put it here under the appearance under themes so now I can see that I’ve got my Aveda theme here and you can click to activate it.
  10. Once you click to activate. it’ll make that you’re main the theme that your websites running off of you might have other themes in your the library here that you used at one point you can delete those if you want or you can keep them I’ve deleted out all my other themes because I’m not ever gonna use them so you’re only seeing one theme here which is the Aveda theme and then right now it looks like I can do an update for this theme as well so when it when this theme comes out with new updates that’ll automatically.
  11. You know to notify me usually via email or inside my dashboard here so I can just click update now and I’ll update the theme or you can go back here into you know wherever you bought the theme from and you can redownload it and it should be the most updated version and then you could just reach upload it into your WordPress account now you’ll have the new updated theme.
  12. There’s other you know ways to do it as well but that pretty much wraps up this quick tutorial I just wanted to show you real briefly how to come under here under the appearance to themes and then click add new, and then click upload find the zip file off your computer and once it installs you can click activate to make it you’re active the current theme, thanks for reading this Article.
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