How To Reset WordPress Website

How To Reset WordPress Website
How To Reset WordPress Website

How To Reset WordPress Website – No Need For Uninstall

Are you looking forward you said to burn off your WordPress website as well and this is the article for you in this article how can reset your wordpress just inside the wordpress dashboard.  So why you want to do that well there could be a couple of reasons let’s say in the learning stage you did something wrong with your wordpress website.   And you come up with messy results, you install the wrong plug-in or you install some script in it and that messed up your wordpress website.

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Steps To Follow:-

You just wanted to reset your wordpress website just like in the fresh installation.  But you usually go to your cPanel and uninstall your wordpress stripped and install it again instead of doing that we are going to reset our wordpress website just inside the wordpress dashboard.  First, you need to go to wordpress dashboard I’m gonna tell you the website, this is the website looks for example, I have an e-commerce website. That it build in the previous article and if you learn how to make that e-commerce store you can check that article in the cart.

And this article makes your own e-commerce website and for now I’m gonna reset website so, to do that let’s go back to the dashboard and let’s go to the plugins and click on add new and come over the search box and let’s just type a reset WP so you can see many plugins. Choose Advanced Reset WP in plugins and click on install, now click on activate.

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How To Reset WordPress Website
How To Reset WordPress Website

And now we need to go to the tools click on advanced reset WP in this age we can reinstall or reinstall wordpress and clean uploads it will clean your uploads as well like your media files.  But it will not delete your theme or plugins, it just clean your upload files or you can clean your post, delete your themes or you can just delete your plugins or just clean your uploads or deep clean, deep trim will maybe read everything and reinstall your wordpress again.

But it not says reinstall but I didn’t try this out but you can play around with this if you have the fresh installation of your wordpress website but before, that before doing any of these steps make sure you have the backup of your wordpress website.  But this is the destructive process it will not restore your wordpress website unless you have the backup of your wordpress website.

If you do not know how to make it back up then you can check out through Google  and make it backup and then you can reset your wordpress website.  So I recommend you to go with this re install wordpress and clean the uploads let’s say do this you can choose any of these according to your preference once you’ve done that I’ll select this box under reset type and type here reset and then click on start cleaning and you can see a warning message will pop up. Let’s click ok and it will reinstall wordpress and clean up your uploads or delete your media files.

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I’m telling at this process has been done very simple and super fast so as you can see it reset our wordpress website.  And you don’t have e-commerce store anymore but let’s just go to dashboard again.  I’m gonna show you let’s go to the plugins so it asked you to login again you gonna log in so you can see that option didn’t uninstall any plugins or delete the plugins it just deactivate them as you can see and we don’t have media anymore as you can see we select the clear the media and we don’t have any media.  And we do have themes as you can see we have the theme, all themes we have here but it just deactivate.

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