How To Optimize Your WordPress Website

How To Optimize Your WordPress Website
How To Optimize Your WordPress Website

How To Optimize Your WordPress Website

I wanna back with another article and in this article, I’m going to show you how to optimize your WordPress website.  So that if anyone gonna visits your site your site gonna load faster than before and moreover you start gonna have more chance rank higher on search engines like Google.  So I’m gonna tell you the plug-in that I use and as well I’m going to show you how to use that plugin so read this article till the end.  And in the end, you will have a smooth performance of your WordPress site so let’s get started let me show you how you can optimize your WordPress website.

How To Optimize Your WordPress Website
How To Optimize Your WordPress Website

Steps To Follow:-

First of all, just logged into your WordPress dashboard and now let me show you the plug-in that gonna help you to optimize your site.  Now let’s just quickly come over in the plugins section and click on Add new and just type WP smush in the search section.  So, as this is the main plugin that I’m telling about this is smush image compression and optimization this plug-in will help you to optimize your WordPress website as well as plug-in and help to increase your SEO rank.

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As you know there are several factors play a role to increase your SEO rank so, this is one of the most important factors optimize your website so now simply click on install now click on activate and take the benefit of this plug-in.  Once we install this plug-in this plug-in shows us there are eight attachments available that you need to smush.  You can smush by clicking on this bulk smush or you can come over in the media section you can click on media and as you can see there is a button alongside these media files.  You can click smush or you can select multiple files and you can click on smush button you can smash them all or if you go back here WP smush if you scroll down you need to on the automatically smush my images on upload box.

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This way whenever you upload a new image into your WordPress site this is gonna optimize your site or smush your image automatically.   Smushing is the process of compression this plugin gonna compress your images and reduce the size but it will preserve the quality of your image as well so that’s the most important factors that you will not lose the quality.  so click on this bulk smush button and it will smash your items.  This is the free version of this plugin in the free version you can smash 50 items.

If you go with the paid version you can smash more than 50 per time and you will have more features you can check out by going to the pro feature bar as you can see.  So that’s it guys that’s how you can optimize your site and whenever you upload a new image this will automatically smush your site as always take the benefit of those plugins that help you to gain your SEO rank.  I hope you enjoy this article and you learned something from this article.

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