Protect Eyes From Smartphone

Protect Eyes From Smartphone
Protect Eyes From Smartphone

Protect Eyes From Smartphone

Smartphones have modified our lives, you utilize them at any time be it the morning once arousal, till night. we tend to are too addicted to it. But, the very fact isn’t new you that overuse of smartphone causes eye issues. completely different surveys recommend that the majority of the folks, sure enough, use smartphones at midnight before sleeping, and therefore the truth is radiation of screen causes sleep disorder by drying the eyeball particularly the blue light-weight and delays sleep that even causes trifle mental issues. The screen light-weight conjointly causes myopia. Here are some simple tricks and tweaks, that you’ll do together with your smartphone without delay.

Installing Apps That shield our eyes / Screen Filter Apps

There are several helpful apps out there, that helps to shield our eyes whereas employing a smartphone, let’s see them

Protect Eyes From Smartphone
Protect Eyes From Smartphone


While we are able to continuously decrease the brightness of in our smartphone. however the brightness can not be attenuate once a particular limit, this makes a controversy whereas employing a smartphone at midnight that causes eye issues. With the darker app, you’ll decrease the brightness even more. it’s a screen filter app. Also, it’s a color filter which might facilitate to stop the blue light-weight that causes lack of sleep. The app is free but you wish to upgrade to premium to decrease below twentieth and unlock further options, that too is RS 20 solely. it’s solely 700kb more or less and it’s simple to use. No ads, no a lot of area, no a lot of battery consumption. There are several apps to point the first one.

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Night Screen:

it’s virtually the identical as Darker, however, it’s additional options sort of a nice interface to manage the brightness. it’s terribly light-weight. however, it’s a touch additional in size than Darker it’s virtually 2mb. it’s conjointly free. It conjointly includes a color filter. It conjointly has no ads. and it’s terribly simple to use. it’s same as darker.

Blue light-weight Filter:

it’s even additional options than the previous 2. It contains numerous modes for various lights, associate degree intensity management for color, a screen dim management, and it conjointly includes a timer to start out in a very scheduled, at that it starts night mode wherever it shows a notification with an electric lamp switch conjointly. you’ll conjointly pause it for the 60s whereas putting in apps or different causes


almost like Blue filter, it’s a profile too and 1min pause, free version too, for full options you’ve got purchased the professional version that is additionally rs fifteen solely.

flux: it’s several options, however it needs frozen phones. It offers completely different modes, you’ll set completely different settings for various times. It conjointly includes a schedule, it’s compatible with most of the devices, the majority phones with robot five and six work( however Samsung Galaxy devices aren’t supported). It swimmingly makes the colour amendment to dam the blue light-weight. It conjointly decreases the screen.


it’s virtually identical as darker and extremely light-weight, it decreases the screen light-weight. It conjointly offers a schedule.

There are many alternative similar apps these were some examples barely google and you’ll realize lots of them there.

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