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Learn Android App Development + Java + Kotlin and more. This is a complete Android app Development course with Android App development projects. We are constantly adding new Android development Projects so you can learn android development by building real-world Android app that you can be proud of and share to your friends and family members. All the topics contain code examples so you can get a better understanding of what’s going on.

Learning Android App Development is a great thing to do because there is so much going on in this area. It’s a profit-making profession on high demand. There are many innovative ideas in the mobile applications market, and the growth of new technologies that will improve the mobile environment assure us a great outcome for the investment in android app development. So Download this app and learn how to build an android app.



Android App Development Overview
Setup Android Development Environment
Android App Architecture
Android Components
Hello World Example
Android App Resources
Android Activities
Android Services
Broadcast Receivers in Android App Development
Content Providers

Intents/FiltersAndroid UI Layouts
Android UI Control
Android Event Handling
Learn Android Styles & Themes
Android Custom Components
Implement Drag and Drop
Android App Notifications
Based Services
Sending Emails
Sending SMS
Making Phone Calls Publishing Android Apps on Play Stores

Android Projects & Examples
Bluetooth Example
Camera Example
Alert Dialogue Example
Adding Custom Fonts
Android WiFi Example
Android App Development Best Practices


Kotlin Programming Overview
Kotlin Environment Setup
Kotlin Architecture
Basic Types
Control Flow
Class & Object
Kotlin Constructors
Kotlin Inheritance
Kotlin Interface
Visibility Control
Kotlin Extensions
Kotlin Data Classes
Kotlin Sealed Class
Kotlin Generics
Kotlin Delegation
Kotlin Functions
Destructuring Declarations
Exception Handling

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Java Programming Overview
Java Environment Setup
Basic Syntax
Object & Classes
Java Constructors
Basic Datatypes
Variable Types
Modifier Types
Java Basic Operators
Java Loop Control
Decision Making

Java Numbers
Java Characters
Java Strings
Java Arrays
Java Date & Time
Regular Expressions
Java Methods
Java Files and I/O
Java Exceptions
Java Inner classes

We are continuously adding more examples on each update

Few more reasons why you should learn Android App Development in 2018/2019

High Demand / High Salary

Android has dominated the global smartphone operating system market share for several years now. According to the research company, in 2017, Android led worldwide new smartphones sales by 88.2%.

Gradual Learning Curve

There is a lot of inhibition among Android app developers over what they need to learn in order to develop Android apps. One has to agree that the person must be innovative, identify opportunities in the market and develop new ideas. But apart from that, here are some important skills:


Learning Android App Development is a great thing to do because it opens the door to a lot of opportunities. There is a huge demand for Android developers and the payment is quite good.

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