How to Install WordPress in AWS

How to Install WordPress in AWS
How to Install WordPress in AWS

Hey, guys, Now this is the second article on Amazon AWS and today’s Article I’ll show you how you can install WordPress on Amazon AWS account, that we created in a previous article if you haven’t checked that out that article you can find that article link in the description box below so, for now, let’s get started and let’s install WordPress on Amazon AWS.

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Steps to Follow:-

All right guys let’s get started and let me show you guys how you can install WordPress in your Amazon AWS account.

How to Install WordPress in AWS

  1. You can see I’m inside the AWS management console inside AWS services click on this drop-down button all services and then click on ec2, our first step to install WordPress inside the AWS we need to create an instance first of all click on launch instance button.
  2. Now click on AWS Marketplace, now in the search box search for WordPress, now we need to select WordPress certified by bitNami now select this now click continue now, here I’m going to select this t2 micro a machine which is included in a free plan, now click on this next button configure instance detail now under the auto assign public IP.
  3. I’m going to select unably and then click on review and launch now click on launch button now here we need to create an SSH key pair, I’m going to select create a new key pair so I’m going to call this my SSH key. I’m going to download this key click on download key pair I’m going to save this now save this keep here in a safe location on your computer, because later on in an article, we’re going to use this key, where I show you how to SSH into your AWS once.
  4. You create your SSH key pair, then click on launch instance button.
  5. Alright, guys now we have successfully installed WordPress inside the ws account. now click on view instance so guys you can see we created an instance, and it’s status says initializing. it’ll take one to two minutes. I guess to activate this instance let’s try to refresh this alright guy now you can see the status is checked instance is running.
  6. Now you might think how we’re going to login into our WordPress website first of all select this bar and copy this ipv4 public IP, ctrl+C to copy it.
  7. And now we’re going to paste this in a safe location. I’m going to paste this in a notepad and next we need to obtain the WordPress login credential to do that. right click on your instance click on instance settings then click on get a system log now go towards the bottom, go right side now you can see setting the Tanami application. password now copy this password in a safe location.
  8. I’m going to paste this into Note pad as well, now click close now open up the new tab now here we need to copy and paste this IP. press enter and now you can see this is a WordPress website that we install inside the AWS.
  9. So knowledge us try to login into WordPress/WP/admin, press Enter so in a username you need to type a user and your password is your bitNami application password base right here and then click on login or I guess now you can see you successfully login into your WordPress dashboard.
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In the next article I’ll show you guys how you can link your domain name with AWS Amazon Web Services so that’s the end of this article guys I hope you enjoyed this article if you haven’t Read my previous article you can read that article right here. So that being said goodbye and I’ll get you guys in the next article

Thank you.


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